Adult Education Resources


Southwest family: Due to the lack of classes and Small Group meetings, I’d like to suggest the following four learning opportunities:

  • 2020 Bible Project: Please do not neglect our Bible Reading Project! We hope you’ll continue to engage with us. If you have fallen behind in our reading schedule, that’s no problem! Simply start with us this week in the book of Judges, and follow the schedule on our website: Additionally, has dozens of videos beyond what we have chosen, so feel free to explore more great content!
  • The same creators of the videos for our Project have also launched a weekly email. These emails contain a video, some scripture to read, and some questions for reflection. We highly recommend this content, so sign-up for their weekly email here:
  • Right Now Media is an online library of Christian teaching. Our church family shares one account - so it’s totally free for you! Email me ( if you would like to access Right Now Media or go to our Right Now Media Page. There’s also content for students and children.  Here are three series from Right Now Media adults are likely to enjoy:
    • Love First, by Don McLaughlin, is about confronting the polarizing hate in our culture.
    • The Bible for Grown Ups, by Andy Stanley, is about learning to see the Bible as one unified story.  It fits very well with what we’ve been learning for the last six months.
    • Significant Others, by Monte Cox, is about different world religions and how we can learn to have meaningful conversations with people of different faiths in our increasingly pluralistic culture.
  • Finally, here are some book recommendations:
    • Love First, by Don McLaughlin
    • Everybody Always, by Bob Goff
    • The Shack, by William Paul Young
    • The Road Back to You, by Ian Morgan Cron (an introduction to the Enneagram)
    • Letters to the Church, by Francis Chan
    • Respectable Sins, by Jerry Bridges
    • The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning
    • Joshua, by Joseph F. Girzone (a modern-day telling of the Gospel)

I’ll share more suggestions in the coming weeks.

Ryan Porche